Wall of Elements

Keanu Reeves’ favorite skill, WoE is regularly used by healers to apply off-balance to enemies and increase group dps. 
Preferably morph to Blockade since it covers a larger area. This specific skill is why Charged lightning staves are a thing; however, many healers no longer run it since the Horns patch because its necessity varies with group comp. Shock damage causes a status effect called Concussed, which applies Minor Vulnerability (enemy takes 8% more dmg) and can set enemies Off-Balance. Why is that important? In the Ritual under the blue CP tree is a passive called Exploiter that increases damage by 10% against Off-Balance enemies. That’s a pretty powerful dps increase, but it requires 75 points under that tree; and while it used to be standard for all DPS builds, not so much anymore—CP distribution is showing more variety what with front loading changes in the Morrowind patch.


Why don’t you use fire instead of shock? Because you’re a healer, not a dps. The Burning effect of fire only increases your dps and we don’t care about your dps.

Why don’t you use frost instead of shock? Now you’re just trolling. No but seriously, ice staves taunt enemies. Divines forbid one of your LAs accidentally lingers too long and you pull taunt off the tank. Some groups may boot you as soon as they see frost on the floor, because it’s assumed you’re trolling and intend to sabotage the raid.

Thank you to Harven for a wonderful little add-on that lets you see different morphs of a skill. Super handy!