The number one question at the forefront of everyone’s mind… it’s pronounced “Oh-Laurie-Meh.” Depending on the NPC you talk to, the last syllable will sound more like “Maw” or “Muh.”

Now with that out of the way, let’s talk about the trial. Most important thing to note is that there is an outfitting table in the lobby. Finally, we can kill things and look gud doing it. VCR is the newest minitrial, featuring one main boss arena in the center circled by three platforms that house the other three bosses. Left to right they are GallonJug (ice miniboss), SriRacha (fire miniboss), and RezAgain (shock miniboss). You have the option to fight each one at a time or kill one (or more) and fight the leftovers with the main boss. These varying levels of difficulty are referred to by the number of minibosses you add to the main boss battle: +0, +1, +2, +3 (actual HM). This is not meant to be a discussion of mechanics or strats; there are about a million ways to do most bosses, just follow the instructions you’re given by your raid lead. This is meant more as tips & tricks for healers. My apologies if I sound biased towards a particular strat.

What to slot for this fight

  • Skills and Ultimates: Bone Shield, Purifying Light or PotL, BoL, Ritual, Clap Heal, Shards, Orbs, Springs, Blood Altar, shield, Mutagen/Rapid Regen, Ele Drain, Inner Light, Ward, Warhorn, Barrier, Remembrance, Panacea
  • Sets: IA, olo, jorv, worm, sanctuary, mending
  • No Combat Prayer: because of the spacing and mobility DPS are expected to run similar set ups as Ass. Thus they have the lover stone, non-NBs have Slimecraw, and there are almost never any stam toons. NBs are the preferred DPS for this fight because they will run refreshing path and Soul Siphon to help with the healing debuff.


Mini-bosses show up to say hello at 75/50/25% on +3; 66/33% on +2; and 50% on +1. Luckily when they die, that’s it. Strats vary on where to hold them and generally the goal is to burn one down before the next one spawns. Each will teleport intermittently to the player who is furthest away and do a mechanic: RezAgain leaves a big puddle of shock goo; SriRacha has Burgeoning Blaze, three fiery tornadoes just like that one asshole in HoF (three aoes that travel around trying to one-shot vamps); GallonJug places concentric ice rings around him that slow you purdy gud. The tank on the mini-boss should be calling “jump” when the mini-boss teleports, but even so there will be a big aoe on the ground counting it down. Fun fact about GallonJug’s teleport mechanic is it can be used to negate the ice mechanic. There’s even an ach for it!

  • Gryphons: You will only see these if you fight a mini-boss by itself. Mostly nbd except they apply a bleed to the tank that is pretty gnarly. It’s worse if you stand underneath the bird when it’s in the air, like it poops on your head or something. Most groups focus it when it’s on the ground and the little dude when the gryphon is in the air. This is to even out the dmg between the two, since they enrage if you kill one too early. They also enrage when they are too close together, FYI.
  • Hoarfrost and meteors: Yes, that’s pronounced like “whore.” It targets a random player to cloak in ice; it will stick on the person about 10 seconds, DoT, and slow purdy gud. The player has to press a synergy to “drop” the puddle on the ground… honestly, if you are super slowed and taking a bunch of dmg, just spam your synergy button until it pops. Sometimes you don’t realize you’re carrying the ice and the synergy doesn’t show on screen consistently. Meteors are not so bad; they are just like the Ice Comet ult and will target three random players. They do a big aoe but it’s easy just to run out of group, hold block until it hits, then go back about your business.
  • Voltaic Overload and the conal – bar swap mechanic is the easiest hardest mechanic in the game for some. The boss will “overcharge” the weapon you have equipped with static; as long as you remain on that bar, both you and everyone around you will take dmg. You have to swap off that bar and stay off that bar for 10 seconds. Once you become familiar with it you can swap back and forth before it hits to stay on a preferred bar. DO NOT “swap back real quick just to…” Don’t do it. Shock conal will knock back players who do not block or dodge it; mostly nbd unless you get knocked into something pervy.
  • Roaring Flare picks a random player and an aoe timer starts. You have about four seconds to stack with at least three people before the aoe explodes in fire dmg and kills the target. People like to run away from this mechanic because they get scared. Don’t be scared, be there for your teammates! Remember the tell for this aoe is YELLOW so it should not be the same color as your bad stuff (if you chose yellow as your color, however, you may want to reflect on your life choices). There will be two of these in execute, while you want to stack to work the mechanic, be aware stacking two on top of each other is generally not a good idea.

The Portal

  • Yaghra Monstrosities: mini Velidreths or “minivelis” spawn after the downstairs group closes the portal; they port back upstairs and bring this little ray of sunshine with them. DPS have to focus creeper>orbs>minivelis so pay attn to the poor tank on the miniveli in case he gets stuck chatting her up and don’t abandon him!
  • Dark Contamination: in the main boss arena the portal will intermittently splay out a giant conal that you need to not stand in or it will teleport you downstairs. If you accidentally get ported down, stand in the conal when it spawns downstairs to be ported back upstairs. If, however, Z’Maja’s shade downstairs is create her room-wide aoe… find the jump pad in one of the corners under the ledges, synergize it, stay on the ledge until the floor below is clear, then jump back down before the ledge kills you. As a side note, if you cannot go downstairs twice in a row, it will one-shot you with “Dark Contamination.” TLDR… stay out of the giant conal.

Z’Maja, AKA Ball Sack of Fury

  • Nocturnal’s Favor AKA “pokeball” The only way to live through this is to roll dodge at the right time. FYI if you ever see this mechanic as a healer, it’s because your tank lost taunt.
  • Mind Blast – Z’Maja likes to pew pew anyone she is facing, which is why the tank should face her away from group as much as possible. This applies a mag DoT called “Leeching Shadows”
  • Crushing Darkness looks like a laser beam, always target two players – the furthest away and the MT. They aren’t so bad unless they’re stacked with other mechanics. But you definitely cannot stand in them, they have to be kited.
  • Nocturnal Creepers start showing up at 40% on Z’Maja. It targets someone with Razorthorn, vines tunneling underground at you. Ironically, they root the target (you have to roll dodge to get out of it), apply a DoT, and silence. You can see why these are the DPS’ first priority. Be careful about your stam mgmt in here because often the creepers will target the same person 3 times in a row… basically until they sap you of stam and kill you, tbh. If you get silenced, be sure to call it out so your tanks know to clench their butt cheeks. If you are dying to vines a lot due to lack of stam, consider putting more CP into Warlord or running tristat food or adding a stam glyph. Whatever will give you that edge so you can roll dodge three times in a row.
  • Malevolent Spheres look like Harvester balls. Three will spawn at a time and float around the arena. The DPS need to focus them before they focus you, since they are on a timer. When they time out they teleport to a random player and explode; they will also explode if a player runs into one. The explosion stuns the player and applies a DoT, plus sends out mini orbs that travel faster and will do the same thing. Call out if you see one drifting near the MT, that’s bad news.
  • Spears – depending on what strat your group uses, you may have a dedicated DPS just for these. Even if you do, it’s everyone’s responsibility to synergize these shards upstairs ASAP (they literally look like Templar Shards, but more orange). This sends the shard downstairs so they can close the portal in the center. It’s important to get on these as fast as possible!
  • The dreaded healing debuff from hell is applied by the mini Velidreths and Z’Maja’s Shade in “execute.” The target(s) HP is dropped to 20% and they have to be healed back to 100% to remove the 85% healing debuff. It can get pretty clench, so this will be one of your biggest priorities as a healer. This single mechanic is the reason health tanks are discouraged in this trial; imagine trying to heal a 60K hp tank up to full on an 85% healing debuff. Fuckity nope nope.
  • MT generally will be fine without a focused healer; there are some clench moments when the tank may be kiting a laser and taking mind blasts and then takes a pokeball to the face. Watch out for stacked mechanics like that, especially if you see that purple-flame effect around his chest from the mind blast debuff; that’s a pretty nasty dot.

How to survive some bullshit

  • Laser and Ice: kite like normal but don’t run, save your stam until it slows you to a crawl, then roll dodge away from the laser and spam your synergy button until it drops and roll dodge again to get away from the laser
  • Flare and Laser: call “fire and laser” so your group knows to kite with you. Tbh, they are probably just going to abandon you because they’re assholes. But at least that death isn’t your fault.
  • Creeper and anything else: there are two ways to deal with this guy; kite the underground vines as long as possible or bite the bullet and throw yourself on the grenade to get it over with, hoping it won’t repeatedly target you.