PvE Healer Theorycrafting – Staves & Enchants

The most common question I get aside from CP is what trait is most important. Personally, I think he should have a sense of humour.

Patch: Elsweyr

First things first: generally you should have a resto staff on one bar and a destro staff (a lightning staff, specifically) on the other. So what trait should your staves be? You have a lot of flexibility in determining what’s good for your build. By the way, the table below doesn’t include Sharpened trait, because sharper healing is not a thing.

Charged Increase chance to apply status effects If it’s a lightning staff, maybe. On Resto… absolutely useless. At least with Training you get something out of it.
Defending Increase total Physical Resistance and Spell Resistance Useful in PvP and popular with healers. There are definitely some fights where you may find you prefer this trait.
Decisive Chance to gain additional Ultimate anytime that Ultimate is gained Very helpful for those learning to weave and who have trouble generating ult, since horn uptime is critical
Infused Reduce enchantment’s cooldown 40% & Increase Weapon Enchantment effect Definitely a top choice if your enchantment increases spell dmg or you’re in charge of Weakening or Crusher debuff
Nirnhoned Increase Weapon Dmg Increases your spell dmg, but perhaps not a top pick
Powered Increase healing done Popular with healers, its necessity varies by build and fight
Precise Increase Weapon and Spell Critical Chance A popular choice. More crits=more bigger heals
Training Increase experience gained from kills If you aren’t max CP yet, this may be a good choice for now. Also RNG being what it is… at least it’s not Charged.

Set staves can be difficult to farm, so keep what you get and try for better. If all you have is a Charged Resto, I personally guarantee you can still make it through vMoL HM. When you do finally get a good one, gold it out. Try not to leave anything blue if you can help it; at least purple it. What are we, peasants? But seriously, this weapon is your main source of your spell power stat, so gold even bad traits if you’re able.

Special Restos 

Master Staff While you may not be quite ready to heal DSA yet, keep it on your to-do list. The Master Staff returns stam to you and your allies when you use Grand Healing (AKA springs). There is no cooldown for the proc, so to maximize the stam return you would need to spam springs. There are very few fights where this is the meta, so this staff is not commonly used.

Asylum Sanctorium Staff can be farmed in both normal and vet. The imperfect version reduces cost of healing abilities by 27% for 3 seconds after casting Combat Prayer. The perfect version is available from HM and leaderboard  rewards, and reduces it by 30%. This is a great choice for any fight in which you use Combat Prayer!

Maelstrom Resto Staff is good for sustain. When you critically heal with Regeneration it returns mag to you. It procs frequently so it can be quite useful.

Blackrose Prison Staff adds Healing Done and your Steadfast Ward applies Major Vitality (Healing Taken) to the target. This is a pretty good choice for a non-Templar healer, as those builds sometimes make use of the Ward skill.

Willpower is a great choice if you’d like a larger mag pool. It can be slotted as either the resto or destro staff. Also they’re pretty cheap to buy, which is always the best kind of farming.


The vanilla rune on staves (mag dmg + return mag) is pretty useful, but you may want better choices for your build. As always, think about what your group needs. The most commonly used is Glyph of Weapon Damage. Keep in mind enchantments of the same kind will share a cooldown, so having it on both bars will not stack on itself, sorry. Also, talk to your tanks before you run Crushing or Weakening!

Target Debuffs      
Glyph of Weakening Reduce target’s Weapon & Spell Dmg Okori 5s
Glyph of Crushing Reduce target’s Armor Deteri 5s
Benefits Caster      
Glyph of Absorb Stat Deals mag dmg and returns mag, hp, or stam Makko, Oko, Deni 4s
Glyph of Weapon Damage Increases your Weapon & Spell Dmg Okori 5s
Glyph of Hardening Grants a Damage Shield Deteri 5s