“Starter Kit” Build

Like the title, this is a very basic build to get you started in the first few weeks of playing. A bit too basic for where you’re at? Try the next step, Begins-the-Grind. But if you’re just starting out with end-game content as your goal, read on. The assumptions behind this build are:

  • Crafting research of less than 4 traits
  • No access to DLCs
  • No CP yet
  • No time in PvP yet
  • No dungeons yet
  • No spare gold to spend on gear yet
  • No skills unlocked past the 3rd in any skill line yet
  • Has unlocked the Mages’ Guild skill line

Now let’s build a toon…


Templar. Can you heal using other classes? Absolutely! But let’s start with the easiest first.


For beginners, I recommend your first healer is Breton. They have racial passives that greatly ease resource management, which will help while you’re learning. Another viable option is Argonian; they have a passive that makes pots return added resources, just in case you are not managing your well you can recover more quickly.


Try to always have one heavy and one medium armour piece in addition to 5 light armour. It will level all three skill lines and you’ll unlock useful passives that will help along the way. Your jewelry and 3pcs of armor will be from dropped sets off your enemies. For your main set, you’ll craft 5pcs for the set bonus. Personally, I like to have heavy/medium chest & legs with crafted staves (note that requires making 6pcs). Whatever the combination, do yourself a favor and craft your pieces all in Training to start out, to level your skills faster.

Torug’s Pact – Crafting station in Grahtwood/Deshaan/Stormhaven

Why? Specifically so you can slot “Absorb Magicka” glyphs on your weapons for resource return. This enchant will proc off light and heavy attacks plus do damage to your enemies. Most important of all, if you consciously make an effort to rely on Torug’s for resource return, you will teach yourself how to weave. You will be forced to add light attacks and heavy attacks between skills and get faster and faster until you’re no longer button smashing. This is not a skill that will come overnight so it will take a lot of practice and a few failures. That’s ok, keep practicing!

Many recommend Seducer as well, but in my opinion the resource return is wasted in overland zones. It will prevent new players from learning appropriate management of resources and will start bad habits that will later be difficult to break. On the other hand, if you’re headed into Cyrodiil right at level 10, I encourage you to get a heavy set of it for PvP!


Begin by unlocking the first skill in each class skill line and slotting it, so you can level up the skill line. Make yourself a lightning staff rather than a Resto staff, because you’ll need to defend yourself first, and you can heal without Resto skills for now. In no particular order, you’ll slot: Puncturing Strike (morph to Puncturing Sweep), Sun Fire (morph to Reflective Light), Honor the Dead (morph to BoL), Force Shock (morph to Crushing Shock), Magelight (morph to Inner Light), and Nova (morph to either).

At level 15 you’ll have the ability to swap weapons, so you’ll want to slot Resto on one bar and Destro on the other. This two-staff setup will not change whether you are in normal Banished Cells or vMoL HM (unless DW comes back, I suppose). Once you are able to equip two weapons, I recommend a setup that will allow you to easily do sufficient DPS while healing:

Keep in mind you’ll be swapping skills out as you level them, so try an add-on like Alpha Gear or Dressing Room that “memorizes” armour and bar setups for you. And don’t forget your passives! Unless it’s obviously not going to help in any way ever, spend that point. After you’ve leveled your skill lines and gathered a lot of skill points, are you ready to start dungeons? Good, because now Begins-the-Grind

A big thank you to the very awesome CraftStore add-on that lets you preview all craftable sets in the game and tells you where the crafting stations are!