This is not meant to be a discussion of mechanics or strats; there are about a million ways to do most bosses, just follow the instructions you’re given by your raid lead. This is meant more as tips & tricks for healers. My apologies if I sound biased towards a particular strat 🙂

Most Endless Trash NA


This is why everyone loves SO, 500 trash mobs between you and that final boss. There are a few pulls that get hairier than others; keep an eye out for opportunities to lay mitigation down on a couple Overchargers.

There are two ways to do this; one is timing mag harness with the ticks (like a dps would) and the other is to heal through. Springs should be enough to keep you alive as long as you put them on yourself, plus you can hit other players as well. You should probably do it the less selfish way >.>

Call Lightning

Just walk in a figure eight pattern, pretty easy to avoid if you have your combat colors set to “Obvious AF.”

Troll Poison

Just heal through it. A note on this: your mag DSP should be shielding through this; a springs or an orb is more than enough to heal through it if they are paying attention. Stam DPS are squishy AF though, so springs and prayer but don’t deplete your mag before you go into the next battle.

How to survive all three at once

Scream into voice comms, “GOOD LUCK EVERYBODY!!!” and Alt+F4. Just kidding… Have your resistances buffed. Figure eight pattern while block casting mag Harness and Springs. It can be done, but it takes practice. Note this requires you to have Harness and Springs on the same bar.



Strats for this guy vary widely, so it’s hard for me to be too specific. In general, basic group healing but often more spread out and your position is determined by your group’s strat. Stay the fuck out of popcorn, keep an eye on your feet until you get a sense of the timing.

Troll Boss

Your position is determined by your group’s strat. But in general, have a Nova for 2nd & 3rd Overcharger phases, otherwise Warhorn as usual. Stay out of melee range due to his aoe, when he pounds the ground block or get one shot (easy way to avoid this is to position yourself directly facing his elbow).


Basic group healing, keep buffs up, call when you’re pinned and help unpin when you can. Pretty straightforward fight, just wipes a lot of groups until they get the hang of it.


Basic group healing, keep buffs up. Poison phase just requires Springs, but if you’re worried about your resources or the other healer is dead, throw down a Nova too. Make sure you slot a mag dump.