Ritual of Retribution or Extended Ritual: The other half of the Templar “house,” try to keep it up 100%.

Either morph is fine, although most opt for Retribution because it adds to dps. Remember that passives on this line add a slow to enemies who enter the circle, so its use is discouraged in the Twins, where it can affect adds. It will also purge you when you cast it, and offers a “Purify” synergy to a teammate so they can cleanse themselves. Remember this skill is an aoe heal that can proc the Mending set and standing inside the circle grants you Minor Mending for the Restoring Light passives. It’s a big ass circle, so be careful and don’t accidentally pull a boss with it. Not that I ever did that, especially not in Falkreath, because duh. I’m just saying be careful.

Thank you to Harven for a wonderful little add-on that lets you see different morphs of a skill. Super handy!