Restoring Aura

Restoring Aura comes in two viable morphs (I know, I hope you were seated when I said that).

Radiant Aura applies Minor Magickasteal to 6 players within 28 meters, so one healer will run that while the other runs ele drain for everybody else to get mag back from enemies. Unfortunately two healers cannot run it because it doesn’t smart target 6 players who don’t have the buff, it’ll just override itself.

Repentance used to be a must-have for returning stam to tanks, but unfortunately it only returns stam to the caster now. Thus it probably won’t be run by anyone in the raid unless you have a stamplar around. Must be popped off every time things die–don’t wait for the end of the battle; can serve as your main heal in a dungeon if there’s no stamplars.


Thank you to Harven for a wonderful little add-on that lets you see different morphs of a skill. Super handy!