PVE Healer Theorycrafting – CP

Don’t have the impact they used to, but they still make a difference.

Patch: Summerset

The general consensus is a build gets more return on investment for spreading the CP around rather than stacking in one slot as has historically been done, due to the front loading changes ZOS made with the Morrowind patch. Consider your other passives when distributing your CP, such as race: Does your Breton need more spell resist? Does your Altmer need more dmg? Does your Argonian need to conserve more stam?


  • Shadow: Tumbling, Shadow Ward
  • Tower: Warlord, Sprinter, Bashing Focus
  • Lover: Arcanist, Tenacity, Mooncalf, Healthy


  • Ritual: Thaumaturge
  • Apprentice: Blessed, Elemental Expert, Elfborn
  • Atronach: Master at Arms, Staff Expert


  • Steed: Spell Shield, Ironclad
  • Lady: Hardy, Thick Skinned, Elemental Defender
  • Lord: Bastion, Quick Recovery

More things to consider: it isn’t as simple as just spending the points…

  • For the Lady (red tree) spend points in Hardy first, then Elemental Defender, then anything else. It won’t calculate your dmg mitigation quite like you thought if you don’t. I know it sounds nutty, but it’s working as intended, I guarantee you.
  • Jump Points: as of the Morrowind patch, CP jump points are rounded to the lowest whole number. If your tooltip says the bonus is 11.99%, you actually only get 11%. So for example, if you put 23 into Warlord you get 10%; if you put 25 into Warlord, you get 10%. If you put 26, then you get 11%.
  • Passives: pay attention to the CP passives you’re unlocking; picking flowers faster may be nice, but does it help your team?