This is not meant to be a discussion of mechanics or strats; there are about a million ways to do most bosses, just follow the instructions you’re given by your raid lead. This is meant more as tips & tricks for healers. My apologies if I sound biased towards a particular strat as it is not my intention 🙂

A pep talk before you go in: The reason a lot of people haven’t completed Maw is not because they don’t want to. Be patient with yourself and your team, but be open to pushing yourself to do better. It will take practice, and then like everything else it’s a cakewalk. Until then, study everything you can get your hands on and come to this raid prepared to put in a lot of hard work. Also, make sure you have Raid Notifier.

Endless Trash 2.0

Power of the Light can help orient DPS to adds in order of priority; 9/10 raid leaders agree the Sun Eater should die first. If you have raid leader #10 just follow their instructions. Unless your raid lead expressly told you not to, even trash gets a warhorn rotation. In general, stay on the group and be aware of your tanks’ positions as they navigate the trash. If possible, ask them their pull plan beforehand. Periodically, your tank will call out “block;” I recommend you right click like your life depends on it… because it just may. This info covers all the trash between bosses, plus the Litter Box (two big cats after Twins) and the Hallway (where everyone dies).


Sun Eaters Assholes. Mages that send out balls of blue love that do decent damage and stagger but are easily avoidable. The big deal is the negate (“Eclipse Field”) they throw down on a random player. Be ready to roll dodge at any given moment. Raid Notifier will give you enough advance warning to avoid it completely, but it takes some practice to get a feel for the timing. Throw a Springs on a negate in case someone gets caught.

2H Is the jerk doing the armor shatter. If it’s you, be very careful to avoid dmg for the next 15 seconds since you’re basically running around naked. Boogidad boogidad. If he hits you a second time with it, you’ll receive increased dmg for 5 seconds. Be like the streak and gtfo.

Archers not too bad, they do a bleed that’s pretty good but can be purged. If the archer is pointed into group, hold a heart to heart with your tank about why they’re so angry inside. But the archer spray can be avoided; the ground will look like the top of a circus tent. Don’t stand inside the three conals coming out from him. Also this jerkwad puts a column of darkness on you that looks like Reaper’s Mark; then a bunch of cute kitties come cuddle with you. Enjoy that while they’re young.

1H If he’s chasing you, run around like a chicken with your head cut off while apologizing you told your tank they’re an angry person (he is tho, for real). But seriously: like any time you have aggro, be helpful and bring your new found friend over to the tank (the one who DOESN’T have the 2H). Even if you don’t have aggro, Mr. 1H will also rush over sometimes to say hello and leave you stunned. Always fun when you’re getting negated.




Positioning makes or breaks this fight. Standing too far away will plant pillars in Idaho and standing too close shares damage and curses. Stay in your damned position, go to pads to cleanse curse as soon as you are no longer contagious (no it can’t be purged), and threaten to cut a bitch if they take your assigned pad (if using that strat). Dealing with pillars and cats is pretty straightforward, so let’s talk about Shield Phase and Curses instead. This is a great fight for a hps parse, btw.

Shield Phase Occurs at 71% and 31%. Move in during shield phase and springs like nuts; be precise and watch that the springs circle covers as many players as possible (including yourself) but don’t sacrifice a tank for a DPS who won’t come in for healing. I recommend dry rehearsal of positions outside the room beforehand, so you and the other healer can work out who is covering what with springs. Don’t let your red circle touch another player (overlapping red is fine, but not red & body parts). Typically a Nova goes down during the second shield phase because it takes longer and more damage is coming out; ask your raid lead if they want it.

Curse This goes out to three people at a time and is contagious for about a second and a half, so be careful who you cuddle with because like real life, they may infect you. BoL about 5ish seconds after curses come out, since folks may be travelling distances to get to a pad. A note about those pads: they come up in 25 seconds and the curse lasts 20 seconds. Usually your best bet is to go to the nearest pad and just wait, rather than trying to get to another while that slow is on you. It’ll be a little clench until you’re used to the timing, but trust the Force.



The Twins

Vashai is the dark boss and Skinrai is the light boss; it’s kinda super important you be able to tell them apart. Always move clockwise in this room unless you want a gkick. If you have to choose, focus debuffs on Vishai and adds, but not Skinrai; most groups try to focus Vashai a little faster than his lighter half. Use prayer phase to rebuild resources as well as your team’s. Helps to throw shards on Vashai and do your part to DPS him down during this phase. Every little bit counts.

When to Purge Go to your nearest target dummy and throw Reflective Light at it a few times. Hear that sound? That’s your cue to Purge on the Twins. The light adds & boss will throw that fire ball out, and it does a nasty DOT. Even if you can’t see the tell, listen for it and Purging will be no issue. When you hear that ‘splash’ sound, Purge like a supermodel and once more for kicks after the boss leaves prayer phase and after color swaps. Not for kicks, actually.

Color Swaps As the healer, it’s important you communicate who is on what boss in this fight, so neither side inadvertently goes without a healer. When color assignments go out, call if you are swapping or staying, which boss you’re healing, and if you are in center.

“Healer in Center” The most complicated part is when both healers get stuck on the same side and one has to heal the other side; just keep an eye on each other and communicate all the goddamned time. So… What if you’re healing the boss on the opposite side and both healers are on the same side… What happens when one of you switches? Communication is key. It’s possible both healers end up on the same side throughout the entire fight, you HAVE TO tell each other what side you’re healing. Although… it’s a fantastic test of raid awareness when one healer’s mic goes out during that battle. That was really awesome. Anyway, here is another of my modern art masterpieces for you. The left column is two options you have if both healers are on the same side and both change color; obviously you need agree to a plan beforehand. The right column is what happens when both healers are on the same side but only one changes color.

Rakkhat aka “Neon Lord Warden”

You seriously want to consider slotting a shield for this fight, even if you don’t normally. Keep debuffs up as much as possible start to pad 3; of course you want 100% perfect all the time, but the start of the battle is free DPS time before the mechanics hit the fan. Stay off the golden pads PERIOD. For that matter, stay of the blue pads too. And never stand behind a tank in this room.

  • Gun (Dark Barrage) It’s your responsibility to get your tank through this. When Raid Notifier tells you it’s coming, you have about two seconds to prepare. Ritual if you’re close enough to cover him, orbs are wonderful, spam springs with Prayer thrown in for good measure. It’s only about 4 seconds, so hold tight. If it’s gun on pad one, shield up immediately because he’ll transition pads right after.
  • Void Spheres Shield up when Rhakkat is transitioning from one pad the next, that’s when little balls of blue love spit out from the center.
  • Bomb (Void Combustion, Searing Shadows) Call out if you have a bomb since you’ll be stunned and they’ll need to shield up. Go to a corner like a bad little kid and keep walking; this will limit the number of bursty ball things that will go after your teammates. Right before the burst, shield and block, and break free immediately. Turn and throw a BoL in case anyone got major dmg while you were busy. If you see someone with that growing aoe in group, gtf away from them and be prepared to rez, because they are about to kill a lot of people at once.  
  • Meteors 3 players plus a “sub” will be chosen to kite meteors away from the group; often the raid lead will include one or both healers. If you’re a kiter, remember to keep back before they start so you aren’t dropping meteors on melees’ heads. You’re welcome to lay down hots or a Combat Prayer before you leave, but it’s not the time to hang out. Roll dodge is a great way to get started on meteors, then you can just jog away. Yes, it’s possible to not get hit by the meteors at all, just takes practice. While you’re on the move, you can throw out BoL and/or Combat Prayers, no problem. Remember to be very aware of the other kiters’ positions and don’t run over people. It’s only 4 meteors, so you’ll get the hang of when you can circle back so you aren’t in Idaho when that phase is over.
  • Runners BoL your runners when they come back in. If one dies, his body will show up at the door and someone will need to venture out in the wilderness to rez. It’s up to your raid lead if they want a healer to physically follow over there (some do), just another thing to clarify beforehand. BoL will reach them just fine though.
  • Curse Never touch a blue pad unless told to during execute; if you end up cursed, do not take a pad–just be careful and do not stand near others or you will cause dmg to both of you.
  • Tethers Starts on pad 5, a small floating orb of blue-white light will drift towards you and when close enough, attaches a tether to suck the dignity out of you. Kite away from it to break the tether and please try not to drag your leash through group; it does damage to those around it.
  • Beach Balls Starts on pad 7, has a small aoe that spawns a large crystalline blue ball that doesn’t move. Don’t stand on it.


At 11%, Rhakkat moves back to the center pad and tries to kill everyone using all the mechanics all at once. Make sure your raid lead clarifies where they want you to stand and if they’ll want Novas during this phase. Heals should be focused in the middle where melee is, but an occasional BoL would be lovely. If you have bomb, same rules apply; please do not stand there healing melee until your bomb explodes… you can imagine how well that will go over. You will likely be assigned a pad for this phase; keep an eye on that pad and listen for your number to be called out. When you’re up, you’ll roll dodge across the pad to interrupt the little blue ball in the middle. This ball is providing a defensive shield to Rhakkat, so it’s important you do it 5 minutes ago, not later tonight. However, if you are already cursed you will only die if you touch that pad, so communicate ahead of time if someone else should take your pad. Likewise, if the guy on the pad before you is cursed and can’t take his, you need to be prepared to take the pad for him.

Lunar Phase

Hopefully you won’t see this phase? But… If your group is not able to DPS Rhakkat down to execute before the final pad, he will move to Lunar phase. Depending on your raid lead’s strat, you may be standing on one of the outer pads or the center pad. These are very different experiences…

Center Pad

Easier said than done, but let’s go over some general notes. Remember only 4 players on the center pad. Each of the four players in center will be assigned a position (N, E, S, W basically) and be responsible for a set assignment of outer pads.  You’ll use a synergy that pops up on your screen to bring down the add. Don’t miss it, as each add only gets one chance. When it isn’t your turn to synergize, BoL is pretty useful. Avoid using any channeled abilities here until you’re really familiar with the timing of the synergies.

Outer Pad

Remember only one player on each of the outer pads. Get on your pad right away and shield up, lay down your house for help. BoL your buddies. A melee npc will knock you off, so be ready to block his heavy attacks. Pray you get a mage instead, much easier for you to deal with. BoL is really useful here, although you can reach your adjacent neighbors with Combat Prayer too. When your add is dead, you can also help your neighbor DPS with shards and WoE and whatnot.

Don’t forget to loot the chest, turn in your quest, and take pics of your friends tea bagging Rhakkat! Happy hunting 🙂