This is not meant to be a discussion of mechanics or strats; there are about a million ways to do most bosses, just follow the instructions you’re given by your raid lead. This is meant more as tips & tricks for healers. My apologies if I sound biased towards a particular strat 🙂

  • Depending on group comp, lots of folks send mag on top and stam on bottom, so remember to send a worm healer topside (if you have one).
  • Also double check your Red CP before you go in…

Flame Shapers

If your group is slow on interrupts, you may need to slot Crushing Shock for these guys. Otherwise the trash in here is not so bad.


Try not to stack on others when you get the growing aoe on you, but it’s not a lot of damage unless you are stacking circles. Also don’t stand near the edge of anything because they may take a Wrecking Blow to your vitality bonus.

War Priests: Annoying AF aoe slow. They seem to like healers…


Like, my fave cartoon as a kid. These guys do a ground pound that is pretty gnarly, don’t stand in it. Throw down some springs as he starts because there is definitely someone parsing instead of getting out of it. Remember the ground pound comes after two breaths.


Are convinced you’re a perv sneaking up on a sheep, so don’t stand behind them.


The rock is gone, sorry. If you’re new to this fight, keep harness up and don’t be afraid to forego PoL for roll dodge: a dead healer does no healing. Roll dodge off a lil tornado to get it to fuck off and bother someone else. The boss has two tells that look similar but you’ll get the difference when you eyeball them; both look like he’s coming in for a big self-hug. This means he is either about to power hit your tank or throw his swords out on group. Springs a mofo. Watch the boss’s health: at 30% he’s going to kill all the melee with his fidget spinner move if they aren’t paying attention. During this phase there will be more tornadoes, so move in a large figure eight pattern. Throughout the fight don’t be shy about shards and orbs; specifically make sure they are getting to your tank too.


Mostly trash. The boss is an archer and will lay down a nasty fire aoe, but it has an obvious tell and is easy to heal through. Be careful not to stand behind the welwas!


More trash. Yokeda Kai (top boss) is a lot of fun to heal on. There are two ways to do this, and your raid lead may have a preference. Some have the healer stand outside the group; I prefer to stand in the middle, right at the point where he splits into his adds; that way the adds don’t aggro on the furthest person away and fuck off to make out with me in the corner. Lay down a ritual & rune right there, springs three times from left to right. Here is a cheap-ass diagram of what I mean:

Why springs left to right? Add 1 is typically given to the most experienced player because it’s more difficult to navigate the space their given. Add 4 is typically given to the least experienced, because they have the most room to run around like a chicken with their head cut off (so they’ll be ok for the 2 seconds before you get to them, theoretically). If the adds are on the move, gtfo. Remember to block the aoes, don’t dodge roll. If needed, regain resources when all the adds are down. Shield up when add phase comes; the longer the boss is up, the worse it’ll be. You may consider slotting Crushing Shock for this if your group is slow to interrupt (but shield up first). Don’t forget you may only have one or two horns up top; right at add split is the best time to pop it.

Best Trash Mob NA

Follow your raid lead’s directions; stay away from Gargoyles; help interrupt Flame Shapers if you’re able.


At regular intervals the boss will slice into the tank and take a pound of flesh during 1000 Cuts. If the tank dies on the first hit, he should’ve blocked; kindly help him locate his right click button. If the tank dies on the third swipe, it’s your fault (it’s not often I say that, so remember it). Prepare with HOTs and have your BoL ready.


Essentially, everyone gets Overcharged at once, although thank the Divines it’s a shorter duration. Block cast Harness and Springs and they better pray because you aren’t about to save them if they don’t block and shield/heal somehow. Before the phase starts, try to have your ritual & orbs out for more healing. Btw, DPS absolutely can survive this phase without any outside heals; I know because I’ve tried it myself. GG.