How to judge your own healing

Let’s talk turkey: You won’t succeed until you’re honest with yourself about where you’re at. Unless you’ve already received a personal invitation to Hodor’s core team, chances are you are not the best healer on both servers. But if you’re reading this page, you probably aren’t the worst. So where are you at?

  • Numbers: In general, main tank & off tank are expected to do roughly 20% and each healer roughly 40%. This varies based on situation, specific assignments, and number of tanks—so think of this measure as a guideline, not a hard and fast rule. A healer doing >50% is carrying the other healer, in a situation where both are mirroring each other (bad examples would be the maw twins’ add RNG, a tank healer vs a group healer, too far away as in a “kiting” healer  on Manti or Rakkhat, too large a playground such as with Pineapple Fat Toe in vHoF, or crap that goes haywire fast like Rakotu.
    • Averages come from boss parses, and preferably you use the same boss and team to judge everyone by, as best you can. Consider inviting a variety of healers of different levels until you get a feel for the difference between “awesome” and “needs to practice more.” For this you’ll need an add-on that tracks group damage and healing, such as the beauteous Combat Metrics.
    • Testing requires a control and a variable: you’ll need another healer consistently to audition new ones against. They’ll be able to tell you how hard they did or didn’t have to work. Remember to get hps parses from your tanks and healer for comparison with the new healer, along with any dps (such as magblades who run Funnel Health). No, these numbers will not add up to 100%, but it will give you an idea of their relative healing compared to the group.
    • Recommended bosses to parse on: Zhajassa in vMoL or the Storm Atronach in vAA
  • Buff uptimes: start by looking at your uptimes for
    • Horn: look at both horn uptime AND Major Force uptime; these two numbers together will tell you uptime and timeliness. Horn is slotted for both tanks and both healers, so uptime is ideally 100% and major force will be approximately 32%. If your horn uptime is low but the buff uptime is high, that tells you horns are getting blown in clusters rather than regularly (that’s what she said).
    • Combat Prayer: look at Minor Ward/Resolve & Berserk (NOT “Combat Prayer” which refers to the initial heal only). Your goal is 100% uptime on yourself to begin with, and “pretty gud” on the DPS. Remember it only applies to 6 ppl at once, so you can’t be all things to all ppl.
    • Did the raid leader ask you to run a certain skill or set? What was the uptime on the buff/debuff?
  • Relations: All teammates should be able to both take and give criticism with maturity; no one has to be BFFs but they do have to be able to get along without biting each other’s heads off. You’ve been in vHoF on the second boss now for three weeks wiping over and over. Now is not the time to tell that one a-hole dps you’ve always hated how he sounds like Comic Book Guy. Your team will face rough nights of banging your head against a wall, and no one wants to deal with a dick under pressure. Don’t be that guy. And for the love of the Divines, please follow basic raid etiquette.
  • Deaths: You’ll need an add-on for this; a healer standing in their own heals should be low on the Noob Filter in a predictable battle you’re already familiar with, if the DPS aren’t fumbling big time.