AA/vAA Aetherian Archive, one of the “Craglorn Trials”
adds all those jerkwads who swarm you when you’re trying to fight a boss
altar Blood Altar and either of its morphs, under the Undaunted skill line
animation cancel interrupting a skill’s animation by blocking, bashing, roll dodging, or swapping weapons
Atk attack
block cancel firing off a skill and pressing block immediately to interrupt the animation
block casting holding block while casting skills
blockade Wall of Elements morph Elemental Blockade, a Destruction skill
BoL Breath of Life, from the Restoring Light skill line (morph of Honor the dead)
CL Craglorn
CoP Circle of Protection and either of its morphs, from the Fighters’ Guild skill line
CP champion points
Craglorn Trials refers to the three original 12-man trials: SO, HRC, AA
destro Destruction; may refer to the weapon itself or the skill line
DK dragonknight
dmg damage
DPS dmg per second, also refers to a damage-focused toon
DSA/vDSA Dragonstar Arena, a 4-man raid in Craglorn
DW dual wield
ele drain Elemental Drain, a morph of Weakness to Elements under the Destruction skill line
Feels feelings, usually hurt ones
gg “git gud” refers to learning and improving skills so you can be the best, usually used in a derogatory way, but not necessarily; do not confuse with “gg” =good group lol
HA heavy attack; usually refers to a fully-charged heavy attack
HM hard mode
HoF/vHoF Halls of Fabrication, a 12-man raid available with Morrowind
Horn Aggressive Warhorn, the ultimate under the Alliance – Assault skill line
hps heal per second; you’ll need a damage monitoring add-on to track this
HRC/vHRC Hel Ra Citadel, one of the “Craglorn Trials”
inv invite, such as an invite to a group
jabs refers to Biting Jabs, a morph of Puncturing Strikes under the Aedric Spear class skill line
jesus beam refers to Radiant Destruction (and either of its morphs) under the Dawn’s Wrath class skill line
LA light attack; one quick tap of left click
MA medium attack; a heavy attack that is not fully charged
magblade magicka nightblade dps
magden magicka Warden dps:
magDK magicka Dragonknight dps
magplar magicka Templar dps
meteor Shooting Star, a morph of Meteor , the Mages’ Guild ultimate
min/max short for “minimizing/maximizing” refers to building toons that squeeze every last drop of math out to be the very very best, even if only ahead by a fraction of a percent
MoL/vMoL Maw of Lorkhaj, a 12-man raid available with Thieves’ Guild
NB nightblade
nova Refers to either morph of the ultimate under the Dawn’s Wrath class skill line
off tank a secondary tank used in particular situations, usually as a backup (such as vSO HM) or to take enemies that cannot be tanked at the same time as another (like Twins in vMoL).
orbs Energy Orb, a morph of Necrotic Orb under the Undaunted skill line
parse the average amount of dps or hps done over the course of combat, can also refer to a screenshot showing an add-on’s analysis of combat
PoL Power of the Light, from the Dawn’s Wrath skill line (morph of Backlash)
pots potions
regen “regeneration” refers to recovery of health, magicka, or stamina.
respec short for “re-specification,” may refer to a complete redistribution of skill/attribute points or any other major changes to your build
resto Restoration, may refer to the weapon itself or the skill line
ritual refers to Ritual of Retribution or Extended Ritual, morphs of Cleansing Ritual under the Restoring Light class skill line
rn “right now”
RNG “Random Number Generator”
rq “real quick”
rune Refers to Channeled Focus, a morph of Rune Focus from the Restoring Light class skill line
scrub an amateur, unskilled player
shards refers to Luminous Shards, a morph of Spear Shards under the Aedric Spear class skill line
SO/vSO Sanctum Ophidia, one of the “Craglorn Trials”
sorc sorcerer; usually refers to a magicka sorcerer dps “magsorc”
spam repeatedly press the same button
SPC Spell Power Cure armour set
springs Healing Springs, a morph of Grand Healing under the Restoration skill line
stam stamina
stamblade stamina nightblade dps
stamden stamina Warden dps
stamDK stamina Dragonknight dps
stamplar stamina Templar dps
stamsorc stamina sorcerer dps
temp Templar
trap Trap Beast and either of its morphs, from the Fighters’ Guild skill line
ult/ulti an ultimate skill
uptime amount of time a buff or debuff is active during a battle, expressed as a %
vet/VR veteran, refers to an old system of levels above 50 and still used to refer to the higher difficulty setting for dungeons and trials
weave inserting auto LA or HA between skills
woe Wall of Elements, a Destruction skill
worm worm cult armour set, not WC (water closet)