ESO Logs Guide for Healers

How To Access And Use It

Register with the site

If you are trying to access logs someone else uploaded, you will need either the link if it’s “Unlisted” or permissions from the person who uploaded it if it’s set to “Private.”

If you’d like to create your own logs, use the /encounterlog in game to enable or disable logging. You will need to have installed the uploader from the website to upload the logs. Just a warning uploading is pretty slow. You can also live log if you feel really enthusiastic. Always remember to archive the file when you’re done or it will get overwritten with the next log. Personally, I like to be lazy and rename them all so I know what’s what.

From the homepage you can choose from your own reports or from guilds you have permissions for. If you don’t see your guild listed there, you may find it under settings. You can view reports in a list or in a monthly calendar. When you click on the report you want it will display a dashboard of all the encounters it recorded. Click on the one you want to review.


This shows all kinds of general information… some more useful than the others. A warning… the box called “Healing Done By Source” is complete bait: those calculations include all the over-healing and even count shields as heals. So… that graph is kinda useless.
Along the top of the Summary page are tabs you can choose: Damage Done, Damage Taken, Healing, Threat, Buffs, Debuffs, Deaths, Interrupts, Dispels, Resources, and Casts. I won’t walk you through every one of these, just the very basics you can apply to pilfering data from any of these tabs.


Here you’ll see another line graph; at the top right are some choices. Make sure “Self Absorbs” is off. “External Absorbs,” “Pets,” and “Raw Healing” should all be on. Now you have your healing contribution listed in the bar graph. Side note: “Pets” only needs to be chosen if you have a sorc or warden healer in group, to include that contribution. Personally I just leave it on even if there are two Templars because… who cares. If you have two Templars, it doesn’t make a difference if it’s on or off, even if you’re wearing Rkugamz or something.

If you click on a character name the bar graph will then display your healing “Done By Ability.” Hopefully orbs is at the top of this list; take the number of orbs casts and divide it by the duration of the battle to get your orbs ratio. You can also display it by “Done To Friendly” if you want to see your healing done per player. If you choose a specific player it will show you how much each skill contributed to their heals received from you.

Buffs and Debuffs

On the buffs page you have two choices: “Gained By Friendly” and “Cast By Friendly.” Which options depends on the type of buff you’re tracking. For example, Major Courage is more accurate under “Gained By Friendly” because you’ll see the uptimes for each player. Things like Minor Berserk are best viewed under both options, since you want to see that A) you are casting it often enough to keep an overall decent uptime and B) you are actually applying those casts to your DPS efficiently.

If you are reviewing a debuff you casted, make sure it’s set to “Cast By Friendly.” The Debuffs tab is also useful for looking at debuffs applied to your team, under “Gained By Friendly.”