Combat Prayer

A powerful conal heal that also grants a 8 second buff to dmg and resistances.

This is your first choice for a reactive heal, followed by a springs. Like most skills, it only applies to a max of 6 players (including yourself), so be geographically smart about placement. In your Combat Metrics parse, the buff “Combat Prayer” refers to the initial heal, so refer to the uptimes for minor ward/resolve and minor Berserk instead. See if you can get parses from your dps & tanks for a more accurate idea of your ability to cover the group. These numbers will vary widely; like many skills, it will apply randomly to 6 players and will not smartly choose ones who do not already have the buff (theoretically two players standing next to each other could have a 0% and 100% uptime each).¬†Remember your ability to heal will be judged based on your uptime for this skill, so prioritize it.

Thank you to Harven for a wonderful little add-on that lets you see different morphs of a skill. Super handy!