Breath of Life

The infamous BoL, aka “the reason why Wardens aren’t BiS.” Only used in two situations, so rarely if at all:

1 “Oh crap, that guy has 300 hp” and

2 “Oh crap, that guy is really far away.”

If you have to use this skill more than once in a fight, something has gone very wrong. This skill is a mag sink and overkill 99.9% of the time, so avoid if possible. However, this is the “oh shit” button so you should still slot it somewhere (like your back bar, just in case). But for the love of the Divines—not on both bars! One exception where you will rely on it more is Rakkhat: use during lunar phase (see rule #2) and kiting meteors (see rule #2 again). Remember it’s conal, but it’s a wide 180′ cone so just sorta turn that way and you should be good to go. Remember your typical player at 50% hp can be topped off with something cheaper (like Combat Prayer), so think before you Breath.

Thank you to Harven for a wonderful little add-on that lets you see different morphs of a skill. Super handy!