“Begins-the-Grind” Build

So you’re ready to start grinding dungeons for all that gear you need. You may be a little nervous about healing WGT for the first time or doing progressively harder vet dungeons. Fabulous, that means you’re on the right page! The assumptions for this build are:

  • Crafting research of less than 9 traits
  • Access to DLCs
  • Possibly CP
  • Rank 4 in Alliance War Assault skill line
  • Normal dungeons in process, possibly some vets
  • No spare gold to spend on gear yet
  • No skills unlocked past the 4th in any skill line yet
  • No normal trials experience yet
  • Has unlocked the Mages’ Guild and Undaunted skill lines
  • Has finished the Fighters’ Guild story line

Now let’s build a toon…


Unchanged, unless you’re ready to take the leap? Only you can answer that.


If you haven’t already, it’s time to start PvP so you can at least unlock Warhorn and Purge. But our real focus is PvE, so it’s time to start farming your first BiS healer sets:

  • Sanctuary (from Banished Cells)
  • Worm (from Vaults of Madness)
  • Spell Power Cure (from WGT)

But what do you wear in the meantime? Many recommend Seducer, and if you’re really struggling with resources, that may get you over the hump until you learn to manage your magicka better. But keep practicing, that’s the point! For your main set, you’ll craft 5pcs for the set bonus. Personally, I like to have heavy/medium chest & legs with crafted staves (note that requires making 6pcs). Whatever the combination, do yourself a favor and craft your pieces all in Training to gain CP faster. 

Torug’s Pact – Crafting station in Grahtwood/Deshaan/Stormhaven

Why? Specifically so you can slot “Absorb Magicka” glyphs on your weapons for resource return. This enchant will proc off light and heavy attacks plus do damage to your enemies. Most important of all, if you consciously make an effort to rely on Torug’s for resource return, you will teach yourself how to weave. You will be forced to add light attacks and heavy attacks between skills and get faster and faster until you’re no longer button smashing. This is not a skill that will come overnight so it will take a lot of practice and a few failures. That’s ok, keep practicing!

Your jewelry and 3pcs of armor will be from dropped sets off your enemies.  There are many great sets available inside dungeons, but if you’re just starting to farm them, you’ll need another set before you go in. Two overland sets that are easy to get and will help out are Stendarr’s Embrace from Eastmarch and Bloodthorn’s Touch from Glenumbra. The great thing about overland sets is you can always go back and get the next level of pieces without a group if need be!


While you’re leveling, you’ll be swapping out skills constantly as you morph one and move on to level the next. Although that gives you a wonderful opportunity to learn how to use all of them, it’s difficult to give you set bars for this phase. In general, I recommend for harder or newer content that you stick to a “standard” set of dungeon bars like the ones below, plus you can swap out skills you need to level prior to turning in the quest. Additionally, try practicing your proactive heals by slotting Healing Springs rather than BoL. You have lots of options!

Keep in mind you’ll be swapping skills out as you level them, so try an add-on like Alpha Gear or Dressing Room that “memorizes” armour and bar setups for you. And don’t forget your passives! Unless it’s obviously not going to help in any way ever, spend that point.


It’s difficult to say “do this” when there is great variety in the amount of points players have to spend, so perhaps it’ll be easier to express in ratios. Remember these are very rough estimates meant as a guide, not a hard and fast rule. And don’t forget your jump points!

Elfborn, Blessed, Elemental Expert, and Thaumaturge 2:2:1:1

Tenacity and Arcanist 1:1

Hardy, Elemental Defender, Thick Skinned, and Ironclad 2:2:1:1


So you’ve grinded out most of your gear and you’ve outgrown this build. What next? Time to theorycraft your own


A big thank you to the very awesome CraftStore add-on that lets you preview all craftable sets in the game and tells you where the crafting stations are!