Two viable morphs (you don’t hear that too often).

  • Purifying Light: can be applied to multiple targets; provides a bit of dmg and a delayed HoT. Also helps dps find target if the raid caller says “focus that guy.”
  • PoL: can be applied to multiple targets; it’s the stam morph and provides minor breach & fracture, useful on bosses & minibosses. Also helps dps find target if raid caller says “focus that guy.” 

The Dawn’s Wrath skill line has a passive that grants Minor Sorcery to your group for 20 seconds after casting a Dawn’s Wrath ability. Thus if you don’t have the wherewithal to recast each this every 6 seconds, know you are helping your group dps by keeping that buff up. In addition, the “Prism” passive helps you generate ult faster each time you cast a Dawn’s Wrath ability. PoL is completely unnecessary if you have a stamplar in your group. Free slot!