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Trash Mobs

None, move along. Well… OK. There’s adds if you fight the minis by themselves. Your raid lead will specify what strat to use for these, so please follow those instructions. Both have a one-shot they will try to use, so avoid that eh? Llothis’ adds have a laser beam that homes in on a target and has about a 3 second tell… don’t stand in it. Felms’ adds chain ppl in and cut their throat. Block that and then gtfo. Hopefully he didn’t land a maim pool on you in melee. He’s cheeky like that.


Know your timers and follow them religiously.
Wish I knew who to credit this awesome graphic to; if you know, please tell me so I can thank them!


These spawn at either end and roll in to park one of the 7 pads around the center of the arena. They shoot out what looks like a lightning heavy attack, but it is a protective shield on the main boss preventing all from doing him damage (you can still HA for resources and apply debuffs, but no actual damage). Since they spawn on the far ends, it is up to both healers to keep an eye out and call them out ASAfreakingP. No joke. If healers are on point, they get called out immediately and DPS will get in several seconds worth of damage before it parks, limiting the time Olms is protected.

Olms’ Jumps

During jumps it’s best you stand near the wall. Each healer is responsible for healing one side. Commonly I see the tank healer on exit and the group healer on entrance. However if you look at how Olms jumps… would be easier to do the opposite. However, it doesn’t actually matter, just as long as it’s clear who is healing where. If you’re assigned to a side and you can’t make it, speak up so the DPS know to shield. Either side you end up on, just duck behind the lantern during jumps and pop out to place springs on them.


Here is the one thing that seems to tear down a group with good momentum. For all players, not just healers, there are three important things to know about fire mechanics:

  • Two shields will get you through this. Shield once before the initial hit and then once right afterward, since it just ate your first shield. Fire cannot be blocked, btw.
  • Dmg is biggest at the center of the fire. Try to stay towards the edges as much as possible.
  • The dmg ticks in waves. Thus if you panic and run for the wall you will take multiple ticks and die. Just try to be towards the wall before it lights off and then hold still and let it pass you.


Llothis – “the DPS Killer”

More of a problem for DPS than for healers, the two things both healers need to watch out for are getting the tail end of the cone on their face and out distancing it.

The telegraph for Llothis’ cone is notoriously reliable (that’s sarcasm, just in case you didn’t catch it). Block the cone, whether or not you are the target. If you are the target, generally the best thing is to stand absolutely still. This is not always possible, given all the other mechanics.

If you are the target and you need to move, ONLY move directly towards or away from Llothis. If you are not the target, you can block-walk out. The cone does dmg in waves, so the more familiar you are with the audio/visual cues, the easier it will be to avoid dying to cone.

If you are the target of the cone and leave the tail end of it, you have out ranged him and it will cancel the cone. This is not good news because SURPRISE BUTT SECKS someone else gets your cone and probably dies.

If the Tank healer is the target, you can usually share it with the MT if necessary (although of course that is not preferred and since there are no DPS in front of Olms, you probably do have the ability to move it unless you really just don’t like him I guess). Just be aware that if you move your cone it doesn’t also kill a DPS who happens to be in melee. Unless you don’t like that guy either, then that’s cool.

Whether you are healing group or tank, if the cone isn’t on you and you are in a position to help out, lay a springs on the poor sap with the cone. His day is not looking so bright and it may cheer him up.

Llothis also lays done a poisonous puddle of goo when he teleports to the various pads that circle the center of the arena. Sometimes it doesn’t render because fuck you, but keep an eye out for green smoke/haze on the floor and stay away.

Felms – “the Healer Killer”

Healers’ number one responsibility in this trial is to keep Felms’ childhood issues away from the DPS so they are free to run over each other with kite instead. Felms is a NB and as such, likes to Ambush across the arena to the two furthest players within a specified distance. These three jumps leave a nasty-ass giant puddle of maim and bleed that no one wants around, like that one guy’s wife at your family gatherings. Thus, it’s on you the healers to watch the timers closely and make sure those puddles don’t touch anyone else.

Group healer needs to watch their timer and should get into position ideally 5 seconds before Felms’ first jump. Once he moves away from you, move to the position where you will take the third jump. Tank healer will take the second jump roundabouts as pictured. If the group healer is too far back, Felms will instead jump on the MT or (Divines forbid) a DPS who is too far to one side. Do not want.

General suggestions for where to drop Felms given his jumping distance has been shortened and you can no longer hug the wall. Tank healer has added areas for those good times you get the first and third jumps.

It used to be you could out distance the third jump, but zos Fixed It™ so he always jumps thrice now. Your OT’s job is pretty freaking gnarly, so please forgive if Felms hangs out with you a few seconds to light attack you like a dungeon pug. Just remember to let the OT know you have his pet NB and purge the bleed after he leaves.

If Felms enrages, be sure to apply your resists and shield up before he comes at you. Purge yourself asap, shield again, and heal up. If you are group healer and jumps go haywire, be a good person and warn your tank healer… they don’t have a lot of extra space and they will need a heads up if Felms is landing on them twice.

What you will most likely die to

Group healers die to Olms’ jumps. Because you have to sorta be near group but sorta be farther back, you generally hang out in Olms’ ultimate kill zone. Watch the boss health and remember he jumps at 90%, 75%, and 25%. Since you’re at the back of the arena, sometimes you may catch the tail end of Llothis’ cone when he targets someone else. Keep an eye on him if he teleports next to the boss and remember to block if cone comes out.

Tank healers usually die to either enraged Felms (not your fault if he’s enraged x4 or more), or juggling multiple mechanics at once. Felms you can prepare for with resists, shields, and quick timing. But there’s no simple advice to give you on juggling multiple mechanics; it just takes practice. Pro tip about kiting: you don’t have to run all over the map to avoid it. Since you’re squeezed for space as it is, try to box step in a small area about 5×5 meters. You can get hit by one but not two.

Healer Expectations

Tank Healer

  • Do not die. Period. Your death causes a cascade effect that will more than likely wipe the whole group. So don’t do it.
  • Keep Felms and puddles off everyone else.
  • Heal the MT and provide him with resources/synergies. The complexity of this varies with the skill level of your MT… Obviously some will need more healing than others. Ideally, you can just keep mutagen and the occasional springs on him and it’s more than enough.
  • Debuff Olms. Commonly you are responsible for ele drain and minor vulnerability. If you are a Templar you will also be responsible for PotL. Aim for 100% uptime as best you can.
  • Call out spheres, like I said above.
  • Heal one side during Olms’ jumps. See the section called “Olms’ Jumps.”
  • Horns for your group. Try to wait until there is no sphere up, countdown when you have a second to horn (steam is universally a good time) and then stand between one of the side lanterns and Olms to pop it off. EZ.
  • Orbs for the group. Bet you thought this was all the group healer’s job, didn’t you? Nope.  Kiting and steam are both good times to do this.

Group Healer

  • Orbs. Schloads of them. In your combat metrics in the top right hand corner is a tab that tells you about your mag consumption. Look for Energy Orbs and divide that number by the seconds in combat (upper left). This is your orbs per second ratio. Ideally you will supply an orb upon cooldown for every DPS, or put out 240 orbs per 10 minutes of fight, or an orb ratio of 0.4. You can see why I say the tank healer is responsible for orbs too, because if they didn’t you would essentially have to fire off an orb every other skill.
  • Keep Felms off everyone else.
  • Heals on group. Springs, flowers, matriarch. Those sorts of things.
  • Minor Courage buff on DPS via Olorime. No, not SPC.
  • Horn. Countdown your horn and try to wait until there is no sphere up. Make sure you are not too far back so you can hit as many ppl as possible.
  • Call out and debuff spheres. This may depend on your class and your raid lead’s preferences, but any class can apply ele drain, IA, or crusher to the spheres.

A Note About Class Choices

Both healer roles here have very specific needs, and as such some classes make better choices than others. This isn’t meant to discourage, since a skillful player can make anything work. But why work uphill if you don’t have to, right?

The number one choice for tank healer is Templar. They can run PotL to debuff Olms, Ritual offers a purify for the healer and both tanks, and they have a powerful burst heal.

Group healer choices depend on group comp, but in general should be either a Warden or Templar. If there is no Warden OT then a Warden group healer can offer toughness. A Templar group healer can PotL spheres and improve sorcery uptimes for the group.