PVE Healer Theorycrafting – Armour & Jewelry

So you think to yourself, “Self, I’m ready to heal vet trials. I have a full set of Sithis, some Ashen Grip, and 2pc Velidreth.” Um… let’s talk about your gear.
Patch: Summerset

  • Leveling: DPS sets. No, really. You have 10 skill slots and two ults, you don’t need 10 heals for a dungeon
  • Traits: There’s a lot of choices here, but most people choose a mixture of only Infused or Divines. Remember Infused is most effective on your big pieces (head, chest, legs). Also note that PvE enemies don’t crit, so Impen is useless. Whatever your choice, crunch the numbers to see the difference.

  • Sets: SPC is not the only thing we have to wear anymore. Celebrate your freedom and mix it up a bit! Max out your inventory (200 slots). Keep enough pieces you can mix and match, try to always arrange sets around gold jewelry if it can be helped. All of the sets listed below come pre-enchanted with mag, and if you upgrade it the vanilla enchants will scale. Like Kuta from heaven! Be prepared to swap outfits on the fly, use an add-on like alpha gear or dressing room. Try to arrange it so you can also slot a heavy monster helm (or heavy shoulder). Often, you’ll wear different sets for trash vs. bosses and need to swap on the fly.
    • Olorime gives Major Courage via a ground-placed aoe; with practice a healer can easily maintain high uptimes on the buff, even without Jorv.
    • Jorvuld’s Guidance: increases the duration of your buffs by 40%. The number one reason for this set is to increase Major Force uptime from Horns.
    • Worm will usually be worn by one healer on a team of two. It reduces the cost of mag skills by 4%. This should be the first set you collect; it comes from VoM dungeon. Collect weapons for now, but don’t rely on them until the bug is fixed (the 5th trait drops when you swap weapons, same with Ebon).
    • Mending is the third most commonly used trials healing set. It reduces incoming dmg and procs on aoe heals, so make sure you’re actually using one. FUN FACT:  Ritual can serve as a (rough) approximation of what enemies are within range of the set debuff – comes from AA
    • Sanctuary is useful for training HM or new tanks; it increases the healing received of nearby group members – comes from Banished Cells
    • Twilight Remedy is much more useful if your team is likely to pop synergies; it applies a hot and a DPS buff – comes from MoL
    • Infallible Aether just never seems to truly go away, so collect a set of it just in case, it applies a debuff to your enemies – comes from Craglorn trials
    • Master Architect buffs two DPS significantly and if you run it with a small cost ult can be more potent than Twilight Remedy… Unless you need warhorns, so there’s that
    • Inventor’s Guard when used with a cheap ult can be pretty powerful protection, like for HM training.
    • Stendarr strips debuffs faster than purge but requires hots going at the same time. Good for vHoF first boss.
    • Spell Power Cure is a great option if you do not have Olorime; it provides the same buff (Major Courage) but for only 10 seconds. (comes from White Gold Tower)

  • Jewelry: Please wear at least purple. With all the new traits, you’ll want to find what combination works best for you. Some viable options are: arcane, Infused, Triune, and Protective. Collect jewelry pieces for all your sets so it’s easier to tetris them together. I could spend a whole page just on jewelry enchants, but here are your most relevant options:
    Glyph Effect Essence Kuta at CP160
    Increase Magical Harm Increase Spell Damage Makderi +174
    Magicka Recovery Increase Magicka Regen Makkoma +169
    Reduce Spell Cost Reduce Magicka cost of spells Makkoma -203

  • Monster sets: two-piece sets are now viable thanks to staves counting as two set pieces. Generally one piece will be heavy and the other medium, although some opt for two heavy or one or both light, depending on the situation and their needs.
    • Enchant with hakeijo, hp, or magicka, whatever works for your build/raid
    • Which one to choose? Different play styles and situations will call for different ones. Here are your most likely options:
      • Bogdan: generally good everywhere, but most effective in stacks
      • Earthgore: really good for training and high dmg situations, especially if stacked but also useful solo
      • Rkugamz: returns stam and heals, very helpful for mobile fights that use stam toons
      • Lord Warden: adds to your resistances and when procced will add to those around you. Very helpful in high dmg situations where everyone is stacked

Some take it a step further and use one piece from two different sets for the stats boost. Here are your options:

      • Added Healing: Troll King, Rkugamz, Earthgore
      • Max Health: Valkyn Skoria, Maw of the Infernal, Nerieneth, Malubeth
      • Max Magicka: Infernal Guardian, Grothdarr, Ilambris, Bogdan
      • Max Magicka and Max Stam: Domihaus
      • Mag Regen: Shadowrend, Chokethorn
      • Resistance: Chudan, Lord Warden, Pirate Skeleton
      • Spell Crit: Iceheart, Slimecraw
      • Spell dmg: Molag Kena