Meta is a funny term. Some believe you have only one choice, a sidewalk to march the course. Some see it as a narrow alley. But some believe it as a freeway and the lines are only a suggestion. If you’re one of the latter, this page is for you.

Unique Builds

If you’re one of the many people interested in alternative builds for any role, this guy is the crazy genius to talk to. You may remember @Liv3mind as the guy who tanked vMoL on a sorc. His healer builds have been updated and are ready for you to try:

NB “The Night Force”

DK “The Shielding Shaman”

Sorc “Because I Can”

Shared Gear

Staves and Enchants

Armour and Jewelry

Universal Skills


Healing Springs

Combat Prayer



Ele Drain

Wall of Elements

Inner Light

Harness Magicka

Crushing Shock

Healing Ward