I am a scrub that loves to raid every day of the week.

About Scrubs

Isn’t it mean to call people scrubs, aren’t you saying they’re bad players? Scrub is a title I’ve embraced for myself. I started out on a Khajiit vamp stamblade with a resto staff backbar.
It’s like looking back on puberty… so awkward. I’ve learned a lot over the years. But that’s why I embrace the label: may the Divines strike me down if I ever stop learning and get too cocky. Scrub to me means “I’m still learning.” And it doesn’t matter what I have cleared and what I will clear in the future: I will always continue learning. I will always be a scrub.

About @Bherdani

My ESO journey began with a love of Morrowind (best $5 I ever spent) and Skyrim (waited outside the door at midnight for my collectors’ edition on 11.11.11). When I heard about ESO, I immediately applied for the beta testers and joined the Psijics, the closed beta test pool. When the NDA lifted prior to release, I proudly posted a pic on FB of my VR1 toon dancing in the Hollow City with my Razak pet. I love this game and have for many years; I hope this site helps you love it too.