This is not meant to be a discussion of mechanics or strats; there are about a million ways to do most bosses, just follow the instructions you’re given by your raid lead. This is meant more as tips & tricks for healers. My apologies if I sound biased towards a particular strat 🙂 Heads up, a lot of groups are starting to realize this trial only requires one healer (up until HM anyway)… so it may help to have a DPS alt.


There are two ways to do this; one is timing mag harness with the ticks (like a dps would) and the other is to heal through it. Springs should be enough to keep you alive as long as you put them on yourself, plus you can hit other players as well. You should probably do it the less selfish way >.> It’s best to keep overcharge in the group since it can be healed through; sometimes you don’t want to stack it though, so it’s considerate to step to the side.

Call Lightning

Just walk in a figure eight pattern, pretty easy to avoid if you have your combat colors set to “Obvious AF.”

How to survive both

Scream into voice comms, “At least there’s no poison.” Just kidding… Have Channeled Focus and Ritual down. Figure eight walk in and out of your rune while block casting mag Harness and Springs. It can be done, but it takes practice. Note this requires you to have Harness and Springs on the same bar.

Storm Atronach

Mostly stationary fight, so just do your thing until boss raises his fist to the air like he just don’t care. Your screen will darken a second later. Keep an eye out for the five medallions (may or may not have a pillar of light above them, thanks Zos)–then run to it, don’t heal. Dead healer is no help. Once your feet are safely on the medallion turn and throw a combat prayer down, maybe you can save a straggler or two if they’re fast enough. Lay down a spring on group in case anyone took dmg. You can BoL a straggler outside the safety zone to keep them alive but it takes timing & practice. On medallion is a good time to debuff boss, but don’t put rune down out there and then leave it, because it looks like the medallion. LOL oops.

First Pads, Right Side

First set of pads has an Overcharger who WILL fuck your face; pop mag harness and debuff him asap. Stay alive, because you’re usually his favorite.

Foundation Atronach

When you spread, keep harness up and BoL out. Stack is the same as always; block casting is your friend

Second Pads, Left Side

If you’re solo healing AA, go to the left on second set of pads. Lots of fun, that! The minibosses that spawn here have a tendency to reset if they are too far from their spawn point (at the far end from where you spawned). Keep your group’s position in mind if you notice them resetting. Often, folks will expect the healer to stand on the mage and interrupt it while they burn down the chainspinner. Whatever the strat, just make sure that’s clear beforehand. Speaking of the chainspinner, he’ll pull you in and then lay down a large aoe/knockdown. When he pulls you in, immediately roll dodge outward and plant a spring on him, in case any of your DPS didn’t make it out of the aoe.


Tbh, not much for you to do here besides DPS. Make sure your buffs and debuffs are perfect because this is an easy fight to get 100% uptime on everything. The only damage anyone besides the tank will take during her solo phases is “mushrooms,” a small ground aoe that will fuck up someone’s day if they stand in it. BoL is fine for that, but there’s no hurry unless…

Valariel’s Adds

Start with BoL because someone will get hit hard before tank pulls all aggro. Lay some springs out because DPS are not paying attention to their feet and mushrooms are blooming under them. Jesus beam as needed. Watch your feet. If your group kills all adds, go back to you being you. If your group uses the strat of leaving one up through each phase, you have a few seconds before she’ll burst, so get ready. There should be a horn up during burst along with orbs and springs aplenty. Right before the burst you can drop a nova if you’re worried, but mostly pop your shield and block. Lay out some Springs for clean up; you shouldn’t need BoL unless someone was hugging a mushroom at the time.

Worst Trash Mob NA

This is a cluster fuck of Overchargers, chainspinners, imps, etc. Follow the raid lead’s directions as to who they’re killing when and heal the people trying to do the same. If someone fucks off for some heroic soloing, then they can heroically solo heal too. If you see someone Overcharged, don’t sacrifice group heals to save them but do make an effort to lay Springs on the poor guy, and maybe a shard too.


There’s lots of ways to do this boss; the most common healer positions I’ve seen are one on group/one on tank, one healer at 3 o’clock and one at 9 o’clock, and the stack method. Stack method is pretty straightforward: everyone is in a group, so heal them please. Don’t forget your tank and off-tank need love too. If you are using the other two strats, it’s much more fun for you as healer. Even if you’re assigned to tank you’ll still be group healing because tank shouldn’t need dedicated heals (although if that’s what your tank needs… anything to clear I guess). Keep a healing springs on tank and send shards when asked. Otherwise everything goes to the group. One side note: orbs will not travel up the boulder you spawned at. Yell at your DPS for not popping mines (although I think it’s fun to pop them myself). Also yell at them for stacking on you. Don’t forget to demand all the gold Mending jewelry xD